Marko Krstic, software engineer

Marko Krstic, software engineer

About Me

Hi, my name is Marko, I am software engineer and living and working in Berlin, Germany. I am helping out companies by automating their processes and integrating their businesses into the web.

For many years I was involved in building e-commerce web shops, integrating different kinds of payment methods, writing modules for statistics and reports, implemented recurring payments, connecting applications with ERP systems and more.

Building web applications and complex systems in a variety of technologies, deploying and monitoring software, modeling databases, identifying cohesive parts of a monolith system, grouping them together and preparing them for the separation in smaller microservices, building new microservices is also something I do. I pay a lot of attention to testing and strongly believe that automated tests are essential part of every software. Throughout my career, I've shipped many different products of every kind.

Main technologies I am currently using: Java, Go (Golang), Spring, MySQL, Postgres, Docker, Kubernetes, REST, gRPC, Grafana, GIT, Bitbucket, GCP, Let's Encrypt

I am open for any kind of cooperation and glad to help small and large business owners to build software systems and increase their sales. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, etc. please feel free to contact me.

Twitter: @krstak21
LinkedIn: markokrstic84

Marko Krstic, software engineer