Software Engineer

Marko Krstic | Software Engineer

I write software and web applications.

If you are fed up with pen and paper, or spreadsheets and excel, and want to automate a process for your business, I can help with building adequate software which boosts your productivity.

If you struggle with your old or outdated software and want to rebuild your legacy system, feel free to reach out and I can help you with rebuilding and launching the desired software.

If you are a lawyer, dentist, teacher or any business owner who wants to easily keep track of clients, inventory, appointments etc. or needs to automate any boring manual task, I can build software that saves you time by automating such tasks.

My name is Marko, I am an experienced software engineer and throughout the years, I have created different platforms and web applications in eCommerce, FitnessTech, FinTech, Inventory Systems and several other complex business-related applications in a variety of technologies.

Through being part of different companies, participating in diverse projects, implementing complex solutions and working with many knowledgeable people, I gained significant experience in the software development field.

I have more than a decade of professional experience and more than two decades of overall programming experience including working in non-profit and private projects.

I am open for any kind of cooperation and glad to help both small and large companies build efficient, easy-to-use software systems that improve their businesses. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, etc. please feel free to contact me.

Email: contact (at)
LinkedIn: markokrstic84