Software Engineer

Marko Krstic | Freelance Software Engineer

I write software and web applications.

If you are fed up with pen and paper, or spreadsheets and excel, and want to automate a process for your business, I can help with building adequate software which boosts your productivity.

If you are a lawyer, dentist, teacher or any business owner who wants to easily keep track of clients, inventory, appointments etc. or needs to automate any boring manual task, I can build software that saves you time by automating such tasks.

If you need an MVP or a SaaS, feel free to reach out and I can help you with building and launching the desired web applications.

My name is Marko, I am an experienced software engineer and throughout the years, I have created different platforms and web applications in eCommerce, FitnessTech, FinTech, Inventory Systems and several other complex business-related applications in a variety of technologies.

Through being part of different companies, participating in diverse projects, implementing complex solutions and working with many knowledgeable people, I gained significant experience in the software development field.

I have more than a decade of professional experience and more than two decades of overall programming experience including working in non-profit and private projects.

I am open for any kind of cooperation and glad to help both small and large companies build efficient, easy-to-use software systems that improve their businesses. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, etc. please feel free to contact me.

Email: contact (at)
Twitter: @krstak21
LinkedIn: markokrstic84

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