Marko Krstic

Hi there! My name is Marko and I’m a senior software engineer living and working in Berlin, Germany. I support companies by automating their processes and creating online platforms from which they can reach a wider customer base.

Throughout the years, I have been creating e-commerce web shops as well as building web applications and complex systems in a variety of technologies for an array of different products. These processes encompass a multitude of skilled tasks, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Integrating different forms of payment methods
  • Writing modules for statistics and reports
  • Implementing recurring payments
  • Connecting applications with ERP systems
  • Deploying and monitoring software
  • Modeling databases
  • Identifying cohesive parts of monolith systems, grouping these parts together and preparing them for use as smaller microservices
  • Creating new microservices

My attention to detail and inspired work ethic translate into high quality results; through my extensive experience, I’ve learned the importance of testing and strongly believe that automated tests are an essential part of every software.

Private projects:

  • REST API Testing
    tech: golang
    A service for testing REST API endpoints of your web-app. It runs against your current services (production, staging, …) in order to check and validate all APIs after deployment.
  • RSS News Reader
    tech: golang
    Simple web-based rss reader (early stage).

I am open for any kind of cooperation and glad to help both small and large companies build efficient, easy-to-use software systems that improve their businesses. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, etc. please feel free to contact me.

Email: contact (at)
Twitter: @krstak21
LinkedIn: markokrstic84